Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds began his working career as a 6-year old in his family’s haberdashery, Reynolds Penland, as a gift box stuffer. At the University of Texas, he worked in the college store all four years, studying and training to run the family business. Upon graduation, Mr. Reynolds began executive training in Dallas, Reynolds Penland’s headquarters. He eventually managed every store in Dallas, achieving double digit increases in all. In 1980, he left Reynolds Penland and became involved in equities, real estate, and small retail ventures. Returning to RP in 1982, he served as VP of sales and worked on opening new stores, training new staff, while watching the company grow from 6 to 11 stores. Currently, Mr. Reynolds invests in many diverse ventures, from ranching (consulting in his family’s other business–the King Ranch), restaurants, and real estate. Today, he considers himself to be an “asset manager,” watching over different businesses and properties.

Mr. Reynolds graduated from Culver Military Academy (BC) in 1972, and the University of Texas in 1976, with a BA in Business. He and his wife, D.K., have a son, Kleberg, (CC ’11).