Senior Gabrielle Wells wins at IU’s Kelley School

Senior Gabrielle Wells wins @ IU's Kelley SchoolGabrielle Wells, and four teammates, won first place this summer at a business plan competition called MEET Kelley, hosted by Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. (Gabrielle is second from right.) Gabrielle (GA), a Senior from Novi, Michigan, is a fourth year student in The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur.

MEET Kelley is a free opportunity for high-ability secondary school students to get introduced to the Kelley School of Business, learn the opportunities available, experience a professional business case competition, and ultimately consider transitioning to Kelley after high school. Gabrielle’s team was challenged to present a business plan to bring a singer to Bloomington for a charity concert, with a capitol of $50,000. They had to find a singer and charity, and then make a formal presentation covering all aspects of the concert; financial, legal, safety, etc. After presenting to four judges comprised of Kelley graduates and professors, Gabrielle’s team took first place out of five. Their pitch was to hire Bruno Mars and promote the charity called “Do Something.” Their slogan– “Do Something…and Take it to Mars.”