The Miclot Business Plan Competition

Thanks to an endowment by Andy and Sharlene Miclot of Winona Lake, IN, The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur’s Miclot Business Plan Competition provides Culver students with a realistic competition requiring teamwork, collaboration, and field research, under the guidance of a mentor entrepreneur.

Cadet Zhang

Cadet Zhang wins the 2016 Miclot Competition

Channel Abroad

Charles Zhang wins the 2016 Miclot Competition with his Channel Abroad Powerpoint presentation

Any Culver student is eligible to compete in the Miclot Business Plan Competition.

Click here for the application and instructions.

A business plan includes a description of the product, company, or service and its market need. Competitive products, companies, or services are assessed, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor. The plan includes the unique selling propositions of the product or service, along with future growth and characteristics of the market.

What is an opportunity assessment?

How do I compete?

You may form a team or compete as an individual. No team may have more than 3 members. Each team must designate a “captain”, and have a mentor-entrepreneur. The mentor-entrepreneur must be an adult with actual business or entrepreneurial experience. A student competing alone must also have a mentor-entrepreneur.

Previous Winners